Omnicare Pharmacy Services


With more than three decades ofservice to long term care, Omnicare Pharmacy delivers practical, innovative solutions to daily challenges. Omnicare service features specialized packaging for accurate, efficient administration of medications, complete infusion therapy service,and an extensive web-based pharmacy portal called Omniview.




Geriatric Experts

Recognizing that seniors have unique medication needs and requirements, Omnicare pharmacists specialize in geriatric pharmacy. Each resident's medication regimen is checked for appropriateness and interactions. State of the art equipment then selects and seals medications in specialized packaging, ensuring accuracy and safety in administration at the facility.


Consultant Pharmacists Ensure Medication Effectiveness

Many facilities use Omnicare consultant pharmacists regularly to review every resident's medication chart. The chart reviews reveal possibly dangerous medication interactions and duplications. They also provide an opportunity for pharmacists to recommend alternative medications or formulations that may increase the effectiveness of a resident's medication regimen.


24/7 Web Access

Every facility served by Omnicare Pharmacy has complimentary access to Omniview, a secure, web-based communications and data portal. Through Omniview, facilities can initiate refills,check status of orders, view bills, and accomplish many other daily tasks. Online references allow staff to refer to authoritative information on any medication. Omnicare pharmacists are always just a phone call away, but Omniview makes many tasks so simple that care staff can handle them quickly, often without assistance.


Infusion Therapy

Omnicare pharmacists prepare prescribed infusion medications for long term care residents every day. Infusion medications can be delivered for administration by trained facility staff, or Omnicare IV nurses can come onsite. Omnicare Pharmacy can also train and certify facility staff.


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Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
United States of America

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