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About eHealth Data Solutions

eHealth Data Solutions' trio of products: CareWatch®, RiskWatch®, and UB Watch® work together to enhance organizational performance and continuous quality improvement using an evidence-based approach. We provide data analytics that address clinical, administrative, and reimbursement concerns which enable organizations and facilities to pro-actively convert their data into meaningful, measurable action.

These innovative web based information systems focus on providing accuracy, a reliable foundation for MDS assessments, UB-04s, RUG rates, occurrence reporting, and treatment plans while emphasizing quality of care.

With a proven return on investment, eHDS services increase the transparency and accountability of clinical, administrative, and billing activities. With unparalleled training and support programs, our products quickly become integral to the work flow.


Evidence-based Quality Assurance and Compliance Web-based Occurrence Reporting and Analysis Manage Revenue with Confidence
CareWatch is an internet-based resource that helps improve resident assessment data accuracy and enhance care plans. >> RiskWatch is a web-based program for long-term care providers which drives evidence-based management and continuous improvement. >> Designed specifically to enhance billing processes and increase cash flow for long-term care providers. >>


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